BCHS Programs

BCHS has a variety of programs to compliment the Alberta Curriculum

Construction, Mechanics, Drama, Foods, Cosmetology, Fashion Studies, Multimedia, Business Education, Yoga, Art and Band


Our English as a second language department helps our new Canadian students become prepared and successful in their goals towards post secondary education and the workforce.


Yoga is a class that provides students with the opportunity to develop and improve their mobility, well-being, ability to relax, and personal management skills. These skills will help students balance school, work, life, and gain a better sense of identity in a supportive group setting.


Cosmetology offers information on every aspect of hair styling through the use of demonstrations and technology. Included are shampooing, braiding, updo styles, hairstyling, haircutting, permanent waving and hair coloring. Information on customer service, tools and equipment techniques are introduced as well.

Fashion Studies

Fashions program will teach you basic sewing skills, quilt making, pattern creation, knitwear, recycling, redesign and reuse of clothing and household items. Fashion merchandising classes allow for business opportunities, when creating accessories or home decor.


Construction focuses on developing skills with both hand tools and larger equipment. As those skills develop, students can choose to move into more focused strands of carpentry such as cabinet-making, wood art and enhancement, or actual construction projects.


The CTS Mechanics Program gives students the opportunity to learn about automotive systems. They get hands on experience and gives them a chance to see if they might like to pursue the trade.

Digital Photography & Yearbook

Digital Photography: Take your photography skills to the next level by learning new techniques and strategies for composing your pictures, as well as discover how to use a DSLR camera to create interesting effects and suit various lighting conditions. Yearbook: Students capture and record precious moments, and immortalize them forever in our BCHS Yearbook, using colour theory, photography, typography, layout design, and journalism.

Food Studies


Business Tech


Multi Media