Grade 12 & Commencement

Welcome to Grade 12 See below for Diploma exam dates

Grade 12 Administrator is Mr. Petley-Jones Your Student Support Lead is Ms. Riddell-Fulton School Wellness Mentor is Maureen Lynn and Tia Argue

BROOKS COMPOSITE HIGH SCHOOL SCHOOL SUPPLIES LIST Required items: Binders and paper Pens and Pencils Physical Education gym strip (required for all grade 10 students) including: athletic shoes; gym shorts or sweatpants/track pants; T-shirt or sweatshirt Course Dependent items If your son/daughter is registered in Math 10C, Math 20-1/20-2, or Math 30-1/30-2 they must have a graphing calculator. The recommended calculator is a TI 84 Plus. Some option classes require additional, specific items. These items will be identified by each classroom teacher on the first day of classes. *At this time BCHS does not lease out Chromebooks to individual students on a year-by-year basis.