Grade 11 Start date Sept 1, 2021

Welcome to Grade 11 Start Date Sept 1, 2021

Your Administrator is Mr. Powell Your Student Support Lead is Mrs. Stroeder School Wellness Mentors - Tia Argue

BROOKS COMPOSITE HIGH SCHOOL SCHOOL SUPPLIES LIST Required items: Binders and paper Pens and Pencils Physical Education gym strip (required for all grade 10 students) including: athletic shoes; gym shorts or sweatpants/track pants; T-shirt or sweatshirt Course Dependent items If your son/daughter is registered in Math 10C, Math 20-1/20-2, or Math 30-1/30-2 they must have a graphing calculator. The recommended calculator is a TI 84 Plus. Some option classes require additional, specific items. These items will be identified by each classroom teacher on the first day of classes. *At this time BCHS does not lease out Chromebooks to individual students on a year-by-year basis.