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Vancouver Trip 2019 Information

Vancouver Trip 2019 Information

Vancouver 2019 Band Trip, May 12 - 16

Greetings from the band room! This brief letter is to inform you as to what students should expect for our upcoming trip to Vancouver BC, May 12 – 16, 2019.

Meet at Brooks Composite High School at 6:00 AM on Sunday May 12 for departure. Our departure will not be held for any students that are late.

In terms of meals, student will be responsible for a total of nine meals. All breakfasts and one dinner is included. Five lunches and four dinner meals will be the responsibility of the student. All meal locations will be of a budget kind of restaurant with multiple choices given to the students – McDonalds, Arby’s, A and W, Subway, etc. Students must budget their money so that they have enough money for ALL of their meals.

Students are to pack clothes for rainy, cool weather and include an umbrella. Once suitcase, pillow and one carry on are permitted. Students are advised to pack a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated during this trip. Students must also pack any medication they are on and bring extra to give to a chaperone in case the student loses theirs. Chaperones and teachers are not responsible to medicate any students. Students must be capable of self-regulation and be self- medicating. If this is not possible the student should withdraw from the trip. Also, if a student is sick on the day of departure, we ask that the parent make a healthy decision for the sake of their child and the other children on this trip. Please do not send an unwell child on the trip simply because you paid for the trip. Discussions can be held to determine what financial options are available if a student is kept back due to poor health.

This trip involves two long bus rides on Alberta and BC roads, so students may want to bring/wear motion sickness items – Sea-bands, gravol. Students are to be self-medicating when using gravol. There will be bus stops to purchase lunch and dinner on both legs of the trip as well as convenience stops. Students can sit near the front of the bus if they feel motion sickness.

All school rules and policies governing behavior must be adhered to by all students for this trip. Consequences for poor choices may include removal from trip activities, phone calls to parents, dismissal from future band activities, room changes, or in extreme cases, return home with chaperone, with all expenses paid for by the family. For security reasons a detailed itinerary will not be posted here Therefore, a simplified draft will be provided to the students to take home. Please feel free to contact your child during the trip at any time with their own personal phones if you want. Please do not post any photos or information regarding this trip in any social media until the students are home. In case of emergency, please contact 403 -501-1006.