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Grasslands Featured Artist

Grasslands Featured Artist



Vanessa is a grade 8 student at Alcoma School.  She was nominated by her teacher and principal, Mrs. Skriver, because, “she shows such promise within her efforts as an artist. Her creativity has shone through in a number of different art forms, from clay art and her pastel drawings. Vanessa also has shown true artistic talent by teaching herself a variety of works. I am excited to see her other creations in the future!”

Her main body of work consists of stunning acrylic paintings on canvas and skilled pencil sketches. Vanessa’s art is very realistic and showcase her highly developed sense of color, composition and attention to detail. Much of her inspiration comes from nature, as the majority of her work features stunning scenery and animals. She also creates beautiful still life sketches and paintings of wagon wheels, candles, etc.

Although largely self-motivated, Vanessa is also encouraged to explore her artistic talents by family and friends. She finds the creation process to be calming, a way to take the focus off of  any negative thoughts or experiences. Her art is heavily influenced by her emotions. She expresses mood through her use of color.

Vanessa loves the feelings of pride and satisfaction that comes when a piece of art is finished.  The positive feedback is motivation for her to continue to develop and grow her abilities. At this point, Vanessa is planning to possibly pursue a future career in the healthcare/medical field, and will continue to pursue art as a hobby.

Artist’s Quote: “When you first start, it’s never perfect. Art is a skill that grows over time.”


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