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BCHS Band Disneyland travel requirements

BCHS Band Trip Anaheim/Disney May 16-21 2018

Parents/ Guardians:

Entry to the US may be denied if your child does not produce the required documents, have in their possession, or luggage, illegal substances, or behaves in such a way that constrains security or customs officials to deny travel. In the case where US Customs officials deny entry to your child, you are expected to pick your child up at Calgary International Airport (YYC) on the date that the student is denied.  No funds will be returned to you as the onus of travel preparation and documentation is on you and not the school, school division or the affiliated travel organizations. You will also be charged a rebooking fee of $88.50 for the chaperone that must stay behind to supervise your child until they are picked up by you on the day of departure.